Pathways to an economically sustainable hydrogen industry in Australia

Pathways to an economically sustainable hydrogen industry in Australia

Tuesday, 11 December 2018 - 11:00am to 12:00pm

CSIRO recently led the development of a National Hydrogen Roadmap. The purpose of the study was to set out a strategy for turning the emerging technologies that underpin a hydrogen economy into bankable assets, as a foundation for building an economically sustainable industry in Australia. The project considers the full scope of potential applications for hydrogen including electricity/energy storage, heat, transport and industrial uses. It then assesses the commercial models, regulatory frameworks and RD&D investment priorities that will allow hydrogen utilisation to become competitive in local and global markets. The roadmap is designed to help inform public and private sector investment so that the industry can scale up in a coordinated manner. Sam will talk through the approach and key findings, focussing primarily on the opportunities and implications for the broader energy sector.  

Event Location: 
Australian-German Climate and Energy College
Level 1, 187 Grattan Street, University of Melbourne
3010 Parkville , VIC

Sam Bruce is a Manager in the ‘CSIRO Futures’ group, the strategic advisory arm of Australia’s national science agency. In this role, Sam sits at the interface between research and industry, where he leverages the deep expertise of CSIRO’s research professionals to help Australia’s largest companies and government ‘translate science into strategy’. 

Prior to joining CSIRO, Sam worked at Ernst & Young, providing commercial and financial advice to private and public sector entities across a range of different industries. Subsequently, he worked as a senior investment analyst at Infrastructure Capital Group. Sam is a qualified lawyer, having been admitted to the Supreme Court in 2013. He holds bachelor degrees in Law as well as Science, where he specialised in Chemistry and Applied Mathematics.

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