Climate Emergency: The Role of Local Government in Tackling Climate Change

Climate Emergency: The Role of Local Government in Tackling Climate Change

Monday, 3 June 2019 - 6:30pm to 8:00pm

Darebin is the first local government council in Australia to declare a climate emergency. Accordingly, the Darebin Council have established Climate Emergency Darebin to support the council in actioning the goals outlined in its Climate Emergency Plan. Climate Emergency Darebin comprises community volunteers, Councillors and Council's CEO and will draw on additional community support as it develops.

This event will screen the Australian short film, Home Front, which explores the local impacts of climate change and potential solutions. The screening of Home Front will be followed by a panel discussion with Climate Emergency Darebin's Executive Officer, Tiffany Harrison; Strategist for RSTI, Philip Sutton; and Managing Director of Breakthrough - National Centre for Climate Restoration, Luke Taylor. 

Tiffany, Philip and Luke will discuss how councils are tackling the climate emergency.

This event is held in collaboration with Beyond Zero Emissions (BZE). It will be recorded and available via BZE.

Event Location: 
Fritz Loewe Theatre, McCoy Building
Elgin Street
3010 Parkville , VIC
Climate Emergency Darebin

Tiffany Harrison has over 12 years diverse experience, both internationally and locally, in environmental and climate change research, policy, strategic planning, project management, natural area management, community organising and holds Bachelor of Science in Ecology and Conservation Biology. 

Philip Sutton, Manager and Strategist for RSTI, has played a leading role in the development of the global climate emergency declaration campaign and has been a supporter of BZE since its inception.

Breakthrough - National Centre for Climate Restoration

Luke is the Managing Director of Breakthrough – National Centre for Climate Restoration, an independent think tank that develops critical thought leadership to influence the national climate debate and policy making.

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