Climate Change in the Age of Trump

Climate Change in the Age of Trump

Wednesday, 30 August 2017 - 6:30pm

Just as it seemed the world was starting to make serious efforts towards halting climate change, the United States - a country always considered essential to an effective international response - has elected a leader openly hostile towards climate science and climate action and who is already acting on that hostility. 

What does the election of President Trump mean for worldwide attempts to limit warming to well below two degrees Celsius? Where can we find hope? What can Australians, particularly the intelligentsia, learn from his election and the local and international responses to his efforts to unravel US action on climate change? How can and should we respond?

This lecture is part of a series: The Wednesday Lectures 2017: The Intelligentsia and The Age of Trump, hosted by Raimond Gaita.

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