Can we create sustainable, resilient and healthy communities, or do they just happen?

Can we create sustainable, resilient and healthy communities, or do they just happen?

Thursday, 22 October 2020 - 11:00am to 12:00pm

Increasingly towns and cities are seeking to make themselves more sustainable and resilient to future shocks and challenges. At the same time improved liveability, quality of life and wellbeing are seen as increasingly important goals of communities. How can this be done? What is the role of urban design, transport, greenspace, geography, access to resources and facilities etc, or is it just about the people who live there? Are sustainable, resilient communities an natural artefact of place and geography, or can we intentional planned for them? Drawing on a series of research projects and additional evidence, the presentation will endeavour to address some of these issues, and ultimately address the question, can we help create sustainable, resilient and healthy communities.

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University of Canterbury

Simon Kingham is a Professor of geography at the University of Canterbury, where he also directs the Geohealth Laboratory. In February 2018 he became the Ministry of Transport’s first (and only) Chief Science Advisor, to which he is seconded two days a week. He has researched widely in issues related to environment, health and wellbeing. The first 15 years saw a strong focus on air pollution exposure and health, but more recently, the focus has been on the urban built environment and wellbeing.

Web tools and Projects we developed

  • Open-NEM

    The live tracker of the Australian electricity market.

  • Paris Equity Check

    This website is based on a Nature Climate Change study that compares Nationally Determined Contributions with equitable national emissions trajectories in line with the five categories of equity outlined by the IPCC.

  • liveMAGICC Climate Model

    Run one of the most popular reduced-complexity climate carbon cycle models online. Used by IPCC, UNEP GAP reports and numerous scientific publications.

  • NDC & INDC Factsheets

    Check out our analysis of all the post-2020 targets that countries announced under the Paris Agreement.